Note from Sam

As Businesses and individuals we have far more potential than we use. For over 10 years we have focused on getting people to take action. There is a specific pathway or recipe to take ourselves to take action.

For Business, it may be increase net profit by 5% this month. Now, there are very specific, tested & proven methods to do this. But to apply it, you have to break an old Business Process (big word for a habit) and form a new process.

It isn’t just about having more and more information that matters, if you look around on the internet, libraries or bookshops we have unlimited sources of information available to us. Yet it is in the area of application that makes the difference. What we found that works is small, incremental and continuous changes that make the difference in the long run.

Through newsletters, free seminars and email we share with you tried and tested strategies that have given results. What really matters is application of knowledge, not just having the knowledge.

If you have been trying to make that “change” but never really achieved it, checkout one of our seminars or sign up to the newsletter.

Let me give you two simple practical examples:

  • Lets say you want to learn to juggle 3 balls. I have a one page document that identifies ten steps you may use to master the skill. But getting started, gutting feedback on what you are doing needs some outside, input. We provide this input to you.
  • Or on the business side, you want to implement and new way of greeting on the phone “ We are having an amazing day at …..” instead of “Hello, John here…” To start with there will be reluctance to change as “we have always done like this, why change” or “It is not me, I don’t feel comfortable answering the phone like that”.

The big changes we have helped companies with their culture, sales, profitability and customer service always started with small realistic changes. As the belief and confidence increase we make additional changes.